Live Your Life Unbridled Workshops

Live Your Life Unbridled Workshops

Open the gates and live a life of freedom.

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Life Skills Equine Workshops $60 half day $120 full day Min 6 participants to run a workshop Max 12 participants

We provide workshops targeting areas: We can also for an additional cost of $20 per participant a blended workshop targeting areas below or we talior one to your specific requirements:

  •  Mindfulness & Finding Peace            
  • Journey of Self Discovery              
  • Self-Regulation
  • Improving Group Dynamic                         
  •  Safe Places
  • Leadership Through Horsemanship                      
  •  Moving Through Trauma                   
  • Creative People
  • Spirituality (Christian based)               
  • Effective Communication         
  • Staff Development                     
  • Finding Freedom from Fear and Anxiety