Diploma of Counselling

Diploma  of Youth Work

Certified Horse Safety Australia Instructor

Certified Equine Therapist

Certified Equine Assisted Leaning Programmer

Erin grew up in Sydney has  had a love of horses for since she can remember. She could be found as a young girl finding horses anywhere. As she did not come from a horse family she would help out a stables for free just to be around the horses and the hope to learn to ride. Erin told her family she would work with horses, but no one in her family thought this was possible. Erin found the racetrack and racehorses at the age of 14. She worked as a stablehand, then trackwork rider and eventually an apprentice Jockey. Then one day she had a bad trackwork fall that ended her career in racing. This lead Erin in to the  the current field of using horses to heal.
She worked as a horse program manager for a Christian campsite where she ran trail riding programs for at risk youth and organistaions Anglicare & Barnados & Life Without Barriers for foster children and young people in the Youth Justice system. This was the inspiration that inspired Erin to create Mane Matters. A more in depth program to help with trauma. During her rehabilitation she retrained in Youth Works and became a school chaplain and started running programs in schools with her rescue herd. That rescue herd has grown to 22 herd members that mostly come from trauma and neglect backgrounds. That Erin has rehabilitated and are now used in The Mane Matters Program.
Erin is living out her God given dream and has a passion to equip people to be all they are called to be. This has lead her to became a Qualified Equine Therapist and Equine Life Coach.
Erin has also ran programs in America with boys in the Youth Justice Systems